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Cherubs is coming
to Haliburton

After its 2021 UK debut, Cherubs is making its Canadian premiere at the Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavilion on March 31st
and April 1st, 2023.

They art not in heaven.

In an old farmhouse somewhere amongst the hedgerows of Southeast England, two disgraced angels, Montmartre and Gottlieb, plot to get themselves back into Heaven. However, negligence in their work puts them at loggerheads with a new supervisor, Screwtape, who takes a particular interest in sniffing out their many misdemeanours.


An attempt to cover up a serious count of bureaucratic skulduggery puts Montmartre and Gottlieb at very real risk of permanent exile, but Screwtape’s self-interest offers them a lifeline. She has a scheme that could end in either a triumphant return to Heaven for all three of them – or a total wipe out of humanity.


It’s the last roll of the dice for this volatile trio as they embark on a mission to blackmail God.


Content Warning: Cherubs is recommended for audiences ages 14 and older. The show contains strong language, drug use, dark themes, and suicide.

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