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About Ctrl-ART-Del

Ctrl-ART-Del is a new theatre company in the Haliburton Highlands. Our goals are simple.

We produce contemporary plays and musicals outside of the classic cannon that both entertain and challenge our audience.


We create content that centres young and working age adults as cast, crew, and audience.


We nurture the talents of Haliburton and surrounding area-based artists by prioritizing the casting of local performers in our productions, and by providing theatre skills workshops for adults who wish to continue their arts education.


We aim to exist in harmony with other performing arts groups in Haliburton County, and support the excellent work already being done.

Our Mission

The resounding cry from theatres across the world is that more young people are needed for theatre to survive. Our response is that in order for that to happen, young people must see themselves and their world reflected onstage, or there isn’t any reason for them to engage. It is time to produce exciting and challenging material that centres diverse, contemporary voices.


That is what Ctrl-ART-Del is here to do.

There is inherent value in taking artistic risks and pushing boundaries. It allows room for innovation, for fresh ideas to thrive, and for previously unheard voices and groups to be centred.

Will everything we do be to everyone’s taste?

No, probably not, and that’s kind of the point.

Our mission is to create theatre that ignites excitement, that is provocative, modern and joyful, and that highlights the talented artists of the Haliburton area.

It is time to hit restart. We’re ready to go.
We hope you enjoy the ride.

Our Policies

The goal of Ctrl-ART-Del is to represent Haliburton County both onstage

and on our creative teams.


We will always prioritize hiring local artists, and it is vitally important to us that our team reflect the diversity of our community.

We strongly encourage submissions from artists of all backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientations, cultures, ethnicities, and abilities.


If there are accommodations you require for auditions or interviews, please get in touch, and we will make it happen.

The safety of our team is paramount.


We produce shows that are contemporary and challenging. Sometimes this means that emotionally or physically intimate scenes will be presented. We strongly believe in the importance of hiring professional intimacy and/or fight directors for this type of content to ensure the comfort and safety of our team.

Transparency is important.

Every member of our team working in a position of power over minors (i.e., directors, stage managers, workshop instructors, etc.) will undergo a Vulnerable Sector Check prior to the start of rehearsals

We have no tolerance for bullying or harassment of any kind.


Our harassment policy can be found below. All artists working with Ctrl-ART-Del will sign the policy and be informed of the process of reporting harassment at the first rehearsal for each show.

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