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They art not in heaven

After its 2021 UK debut, Cherubs made its Canadian premiere at the Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavilion on March 31st
and April 1st, 2023.

“…a fast paced, artistically acted and darkly funny show.”

In an old farmhouse somewhere amongst the hedgerows of Southeast England, two disgraced angels, Montmartre and Gottlieb, plot to get themselves back into Heaven. However, negligence in their work puts them at loggerheads with a new supervisor, Screwtape, who takes a particular interest in sniffing out their many misdemeanours.


An attempt to cover up a serious count of bureaucratic skulduggery puts Montmartre and Gottlieb at very real risk of permanent exile, but Screwtape’s self-interest offers them a lifeline. She has a scheme that could end in either a triumphant return to Heaven for all three of them – or a total wipe out of humanity.


The scheme? Blackmail God.


Content Warning: Cherubs is recommended for audiences ages 14 and older. The show contains strong language, drug use, dark themes, and suicide.

The Team


Montmartre – Kelsey Crowe

Gottlieb – Alexander Kocot

Jasper – Andrew Case

Screwtape – Amy Leis

Creative Team

Director - Tim Nicholson

Playwright - Toby McShane

Stage Manager - Sandy Slote

Assistant Stage Managers - Hannah Klose, Kendra Korpela

Lighting and Sound Technician - Tasha Willis

Front of House Team: Jennifer Jackson-Korpela,

Emily Klose, Quinn Salverda

Producer - Tim Nicholson

Set Design and Construction – Tim Nicholson

Set Dressing – Rawnie Moore (Second Time Around)

Production Manager – Amy Leis

Props – Sandy Slote, Amy Leis

Marketing – Kelsey Crowe, Amy Leis

Production Photography – Adam Frisk (Haliburton Echo), Mike Baker (The Highlander)

Videography – April Kovacs (Sticks and Stones Media)

Print Services – Parker Pad and Printing

Special thanks to the Haliburton Highlands Outdoors Association Fish Hatchery, the Minden Lions Club, Kathleen Millard and Second Time Around Furniture

What did people think of Cherubs?

“Wonderful, wonderful production.
It would
knock the socks off the old guard!”
"Highly recommended!"
"A barrel of laughs"
“It was funny, it was witty, it was a little daring…
and it felt incredible to experience live theatre again.”
Fresh, edgy, performed with high energy and comic panache, four young actors: Kelsey Crowe, Alexander Kocot, Amy Leis, and Andrew Case brought it home.
Theatre at its best is made up of innovative
new ideas.
It pushes the envelope and challenges the status quo. And that’s exactly what the team delivered with their first production of Cherubs.
This was the first play for locally based
Ctrl-ART-Del, first directed play for Tim Nicholson, and first on-stage performance
of “Cherubs” -
and well worth seeing!
“Nicholson’s direction impressed, and as Artistic Director, producer and founding member, he has pointed Ctrl-ART-del in the right direction toward a future of fresh, cutting-edge, contemporary shows...”
“Amy Leis who developed the character of
ultra buttoned-down, Screwtape, in a U.K. workshop of McShane’s early script, delivered

a stand-out performance capturing
every comical nuance on the palette.”
“Andrew Case as Jasper, rounded out the fine comic performances in the four-hander play, with Kelsey Crowe (as Montmarte) and Alexander Kocot (as Gottlieb) setting the tone from lights up to sparking McShane’s edgy comedy throughout.”

“Kelsey Crowe put in a stellar performance as Montmartre,

a brilliant fallen angel with a big reputation in heaven.”

"Cherubs focuses on the hilarious story of fallen angels Gottlieb and Montmartre."

"...brutal, yet side-splitting..."

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